Your choice

The only way to avoid mistakes is to do nothing. Even worse, doing nothing could be a mistake on itself!

So go ahead, make your choices, knowing in advance you will not always pick the right path. It is acceptable to make bad decisions. However long you may ponder your options, your judgment can be impaired by such factors as to have nefarious consequences.

Take time to decide, don’t hesitate to act

Pondering if you should take that job offer that will force you to move away from home? Is it wise to invest in stocks now that the market seems on the rise? Should you buy that house you always dreamt of but cannot afford? Well, there is no answer for you. It’s your choice in the end, so before making bad decisions, look around. See everything from a new perspective. Take hold of all the relevant details (it’s redundant, every detail is relevant!). Don’t be shy, ask for advice from people that have been in a similar position or that simply have a different point of view. After all is measured and weighted, think about it again, double check yourself. And choose. After all this process, you should be pretty confident acting upon your decision.

Up to you...

Face the consequences

Now the stock market has crashed, the business that you invested in is treading water, the car you just bought is more often at the mechanic than in your driveway or your kids dislike the school you placed them in. And just when you are about to blame about any possible scapegoat, you realize it was you who did make bad decisions. Consequently, and after barely avoiding cursing out loud in front of the in-laws, contemplating a series of doomsday scenarios and considering asylum in a remote country, what is left for you to do? Well, this time there is an answer: Nothing. Just live with it. No one expects you to be flawless. Everyone can make bad decisions! You thought, you chose, you were wrong. It may be painful, but there will be another chance. And you will be better prepared next time.

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Decisions you have to make and how they can go wrong

Everyone has choices to make, from simple to complicated. And there is no way to prevent yourself from missing some targets. So get on with it!

Up to you…